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JAN 03
RTO Magazine
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Aaron Rents Ups Stake in Rainbow Rentals to 8%
On January 17th, Aaron Rents purchased an additional 3% of Rainbow Rentals, bringing Aaron's total investment in the competitor to $2,110,450 or 8% of all common shares...more

Nationwide Rent to Own Store Locator
As a service to Rent to Own dealers and consumers, RTO Online and ( ) have developed an interactive nationwide RTO store locator...more

Aaron Rents Financials

Oregon Judge Approves Class Action Status for Former Rent a Center Employees
Multnomah County, Oregon Circuit Judge Jan Wyers approved 'Class Action Status' for a group of former Rent a Center employees who claim the company violated state wage laws...more

Rent Way Registers 1,000,000 'Calm Waters' shares

Does not expect to meet the 'Financial Performance' target to avoid issuing additional warrants. Expects additional warrants to be issued April 1...more

Rent-A-Center Donates $25,000 to FloridaChild
The nations Rent to Own leader announced its participation in The Florida Tax Credit for Scholarships Program by donating to FloridaChild, one of several Scholarship Funding Organizations in Florida ...more

Rent to Own Customer Loyalty
Churn, loss, turnover...fancy words that mean "losing customers". For a Rent to Own company, how valuable is a loyal customer? How do you define customer loyalty?..more

COMM South Acquires Indiana Telephone Connect
Comm South Companies, a leading supplier of pre-paid dialtone to the Rent to Own industry, acquired Indiana Telephone Connect Inc...more

The rise and fall
A Complete history of a retail giant
More than one hundred years ago, Sebastian Spering Kresge opened a modest five-and-dime store in downtown Detroit...and changed the entire landscape of retailing...more

Premium Member Services
RTO Online offers a broad range of premium services. By popular demand, we have combined our services into 3 simple subscription packages. All subscriptions are month to month and include a personalized start page with access to all premium services from a single, uncluttered page. Unlimited Resume access, Unlimited Job posting, Unlimited Skip Alert...more

Rent Way Responds to S&P Downgrade
Bill McDonnell

"We are well aware of the issues that S&P cited and are actively working on refinancing our outstanding bank debt. Over the last two years we have significantly improved margins and EBITDA

S&P Cuts Rent Way Credit Rating Amid Fears
In a statement issued by Standard and Poor's, S&P credit analyst Robert Lichtenstein stated "The rating action is based on our ongoing concern about Rent-Way's ability to refinance...more

2003 Consumer Electronics Show
Bill Gates Highlights "Smarter Living in the Digital Decade"

Sharing thoughts on creating a "smarter" lifestyle for consumers. Download keynote transcript, and see pictures of Gates' appearance

One Mom Is Worth Two Friends..
If references on a rental app were trading cards, 1 Mom would be worth 2 friends...more

Rent Way Financials

Company Profile
Sauder Woodworking
n 1934, Erie Sauder started a woodworking business in a barn behind his Archbold, Ohio home. From those humble beginnings, the Sauder clan built the nation’s seventh largest residential furniture manufacturer and North America’s largest maker of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture...more

Home Line Industries Names New Co-Presidents
After 30 years at the helm of Home Line Industries, a leading furniture distributor to the Rent to Own industry, Joe and Lew Verne are retiring from the family business...more

Rent Way Director, Ryan, buys 10,000 Shares
Documents filed with the SEC on Friday show Gerald Ryan, director and Chairman Emeritus of Rent Way, purchased 10,000 common shares of RWY stock at $3.45

Rent A Center Schedules Q4 Earnings Release and Conference Call
Rent-A-Center announced the timing of it's Q4 2002 earnings release and conference call ...more

Maximizing Depreciation of Rental Inventory
...the IRS has granted the RTO industry a three-year useful life for “property held for the production of income”,...more

Rent Way files 10K Annual report
Rent Way sold 'outright' 6 stores in fiscal 2002 for an average price of $133,000. The stores had an average 'book value' of $66,600...more

Rent Way Non Compete Agreements
As a condition of the sale of 295 locations, Rent Way has agreed to sign Non-Compete agreements for those markets. Sources tell RTO Online that the Non-Compete agreement has 2 main stipulations...more

Improved Search Utility
To better serve you, we have implemented a new and improved search utility...more

Minimum Rental Rates
Bill Morgenstern, CEO of Rent Way, once said "You can't rent air for less than 8 bucks a week". Truer words were never spoken. To calculate your 'break even' rental rate, follow the simple formula below

RTO Online Surpasses 1 Million Page Views
(PR) RTO Online has announced the achievement of a major milestone. At around noon today, 12-26-02, RTO Online served it's 1 millionth page for calendar year 2002...more

Denial of Service Attacks
In the past 12 months, RTO Online has been the victim of 3 so called 'Denial of service' attacks. The most recent occurred on December 17th...more

Rent Way Earnings Release...$0.31 loss per share, 4.8% Operating Margin

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...
was the night before Christmas, when all through the store, one account was past due, just one BOR...more

Will It Be Enough?
Will it be enough? Will the $100 million sale of 295 stores be enough to put Rent Way back on the path to profitability?..more

Rent Way Conference Call Summary
As a result of the sale, the company will exit 5 states completely. California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and South Dakota stores will all be sold ...more

New Hampshire Rent to Own Agreement Act
Cash price disclosures must include the statement..."If you want to purchase this or similar property now, you should consider cash or credit terms that might be available to you...more

Mark Speese Interview
Questions regarding the net effect to Rent Way employees

Rent Way sells 295 locations to competitor Rent a Center for $101,500,000 in cash

Calendar Year Stock Performance Review

Understanding Rental Merchandise Depreciation

Issue Date Title
79 01-29-03 Interview with David Ingram, CEO of RTO Enterprises
78 01-22-03 "If I made so much money...where is it?"
Cash Flow defined
77 01-15-03 Rent to Own customer loyalty
76 01-08-03 Member Service Center Launched
75 01-01-03 Maximizing Rental Inventory Depreciation
Reader Comments
Rent Way Employees Ponder the Future
  • Helpful
    They still have not told anyone a thing. It is now taking a great toll on the managers and employees and their families
Aarons ups stake in Rainbow
  • I have tears of Joy
    I think RTO Online should look at Net Operating Margins and Net Profits ... then DO THE MATH - there would obviously be no comparison. Given Rent-Way's current trend, they'll not only lose the #2 spot to Aaron's ... Rainbow will gain another spot - and when Aaron's makes its final move with Rainbow ... RAC better focus that rearview mirror .... LOOK OUT - HERE COMES KEN!

Maximizing Rental Inventory Depreciation

  • Helpful
    Great info for anybody doing the books in a small rto outfit - especially if (like many) they are from outside the industry; principals usually have their hands full with other things.