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Simple Things...
Take them for granted at your peril
RTO Online
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We spend so much time on the 'big picture',  we sometimes loose site of the little things
What does your customer assume from the way you answer the phone?
Improving your companies "Phone Etiquette"


It's the little things that really matter. Small things that make us unique in the eyes of our customers.

Let's face it, take the inventory any 2 Rent to Own stores and place them side by side on a parking lot. In most cases you couldn't tell them apart. I don't mean to imply that quality of inventory doesn't matter. Only that it represents, in reality, a small difference. 

We spend so much time on the 'big picture',  we sometimes loose site of the little things that set us apart from the competition. 

In an earlier Newsletter, we talked about "What makes us unique", and the importance of first impressions. The first impression of a walk-in is relatively easy to figure out. But what about when a customer shops over the phone?  The simple act of answering the phone can be the difference between a long term relationship, and a lost customer.

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We at RTO Online have the privilege, on a daily basis, of contacting many Rent to Own stores by phone. You would be amazed at the extremes in greetings used by Rent to Own professionals.

{Phone Rings}
{Employee} "This is Ralph's"
{caller} "I'm calling about computers"
{Employee} "We carry computers... ...."(silence)
{caller} "How much are they?"
{Employee} "Hang on.."(more silence...papers rattling...)

What does your customer assume from the above call? 

  1. You don't have time for me...
  2. You don't care if I rent from you or  not.
  3. You are not a person I want to see on a regular basis when I make my weekly payment.

Contrast the above call, with a call to a RentWay. And I mean....ANY RentWay...

{Phone Rings}
{RentWay Employee} "Thank you for calling RentWay, Home of the Gateway Computer...can I help you?"
{caller} "I'm calling about computers"
{RentWay Employee} "Super..., We are the exclusive Rental Dealer for Gateway computers. There are many models to choose from...Have you ever rented from us before?"
{caller} "No I haven't"
{RentWay Employee} "Great!...let me explain how it works....(went on to explain the various models, payment options, and service advantages of Rent to Own)

What can the customer assume about RentWay from the above call?

  1. You are willing to spend whatever time is required to make me happy.
  2. You want my business.
  3. Visiting you on a regular basis would be a pleasure.

A simple thing like a phone call can make or break your month...and your business.

Find a quiet place away from work. Grab a phone book, and start dialing. Call at least 4 other stores in your market. Listen to the way they answer the phone, and the way the call makes you feel. Are you excited about renting from the person on the other end? Or, are you considering "hanging up and moving on".

Finally, call your own store...(ouch). How do your employees compare? Are you the best? Are you "turned on", or "turned off" by the call? 

Improving your companies "Phone Etiquette" will...

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Give your existing and potential customers that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from a solid relationship

It doesn't get any better than that.