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ColorTyme's Johnny Chastain Takes Second At Cleveland Speedway Between Storms
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Although the area needs rain, it needs to rain sometime other than Friday and Saturday nights.
Johnny Chastain, Driver, ColorTyme #00 GTO

To keep up with Johnny and the ColorTyme Racing Team go to (Jack Appleget photo)

After being rained out at Tri-County Race Track on Saturday ColorTyme Racing's Johnny Chastain and the Blondes Motorsports team made the trip to Cleveland Speedway. Although Cleveland’s program was interrupted by rain, Johnny finished a strong second in the main event.

"We really have gotten the car hooked up and although the area needs rain it needs to rain sometime other than Friday and Saturday nights," grinned Johnny. "Everybody, Randall, Kevin Smith, Scotty and I have really been working on the car and it shows. We have a good race car and now all we need is the weather to give us a break."

Johnny, who likes to race at Cleveland Speedway and had done well at the third mile clay oval over the years, qualified fifth out of 23 Late Models. With the rain delay the Late Model heats were cancelled and the field was lined up by qualifying which put the Ashley Furniture entry on the inside of the third row. He would move into the runner up spot on lap 18. He would pressure leader Perry for the remaining 12 laps but couldn’t make a clean pass and settled for second.

The Blondes Motorsports Team enjoys sponsorship help from Ashley Furniture, Blue Ridge Pawn, Interstate Welding, Ferris and Joan Brown and 007 H.A. Rogers. The GRT Pontiac GTO Late Model is owned and prepared by Randall Twiggs and is powered by a Pro Power race engine.









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