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Thousands Paid To RTO Store Managers During Latest dPi Teleconnect Greed is Good Incentive Period
RTO Online
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When I, or fellow Store Managers do well, it’s a win for Kelly Rentals as a whole
Ella Elam, Store Manager, Kelly Rentals

In just two months, dPi has pulled hundreds of Store Managers and Sales Associates into the wonderful world of Greed.

Closing out November on a very successful note, dPi Teleconnect again paid thousands of dollars to registered Greed is Good Store Managers during last month’s incentive period.

Greed is Good, one of dPi’s most successful incentive plans, is designed to encourage active promotion of dPi home phone service and reward Store Managers who sign up 10 or more new customers. The second tier of the program allows all registrants to be entered into a drawing for the monthly prize.

But what does this really mean, and what are the incentive’s impacts?

In short, the incentive motivates Store Managers to set goals and reach them. The reward, a check mailed directly to their home, is only the initial benefit of the program.

Consider the earnings of the seemingly unstoppable, unbeatable Ella Elam, Store Manager Kelly Rentals. The number one ranked Elam raked in $410.00 in easy cash and is up 2 sales from last month’s total of twenty-two (22).

“When I, or fellow Store Managers do well, it’s a win for Kelly Rentals as a whole”, said Ellam. So of course, all of our associates are registered, and I’m encouraging them to really talk-up dPi home phone service. I’m not giving the encouragement (just) to increase their chance at winning an iPod, television or this month’s reward, 1 of 10 $100.00 bills. dPi offers a service people need. Catering to that need brings in revenue for Kelly Rentals.”

Heightened awareness of Greed is Good gave way for Store Manager, Scott Rigsbee to cash in on the incentive.

“I immediately registered for Greed is Good after learning it was continued into November, said Rigsbee. “We are a small location. Our win proves that any one can do this. All you have to do is set a goal and use your resources to reach it.”

Rigsbee, who saw an 80% increase in sales from October to November, is not the only Manager to note the importance of using every available resources. From methods as simple as offering dPi services to every customer who walks in the door to using customer databases, Managers are taking a more active approach to cashing in on Greed is Good.

Joining Elam and Rigsbee in the winners circle were:
- Ella Elam, Kelly Rentals: $410
- Gary Glanville, Rent-A-Center: $305
- Sheri Campbell, Kelly Rentals: $290
- Debra King, Greyhound Lines Inc.: $215
- Dianna Cunningham, Rent-A-Center: $215
- Chris Parker, Rent-A-Center: $215
- Scott Rigsbee, Rent-Way, Inc: $200
- Aaron Pruitt, Rent-Way, Inc: $200

Comparatively, those close to the ten mark saw an increase in sales as well. One of the most notable performances was that of Will Doetsch, Store Manager Custom Services. Doetsch’s sales jumped almost 90% from October to Novemeber.

Almost mirroring Doetsch’s success were Erick Creamer, Rent A Center and Christina Libbey, Rent America. Both achieved at least a 40% increase in sales.

iPod drawing winners will be announced in the coming week.

Other Store Managers close to the mark with at least seven (7) new sales were:
- Sonja Witt, Anadarko Pawn & Gun
- Adam Perkins, Royal Crown Leasing
- Henry Goodman, Rent-Way
- Virginia Gillie, Kelly Rentals
- Mary Dow, Kelly Rentals
- Norman Faria Jr., Rent-Way
- Darnell Conner, Rent-Way
- BRIAN Helton, Rent-A-Center
- Melissa Dixon, First American Cash -Advance
- Yolonda Chesson, Rent-Way, Inc
- Ted Brooks, Rent-Way, Inc
- Chuck Moser, Rent-Way, Inc

The December Greed is Good incentive period will continue with yet another twist, Cash is King. Cash is King will reward drawing recipients with one of ten $100.00 and provide a little extra lining for the pockets during the Holiday Season. Many Managers have already registered for the incentive, and more are registering each day.

“We’re geared up for December, said Rigsbee. Extra money, who can say no to that? I am excited that the incentive exists and encourage everyone to register today.
For more information on this incentive or other dPi products call dPi’s Agent Hotline at 1-800-383-9956. Current agents can also log on to WebCentral while potential agents can visit









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