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RTO Online Mailbag: Best Practices For Scheduling Deliveries
RTO Online
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A reader asks:

We decided to deliver in the mornings and do our past due calls in the evenings. I know we are supposed to do two call sessions, but in all reality in our store only one gets done. So instead of doing deliveries from 2pm onwards and having to find places in the dark, we decided to deliver from 9-12 and then 1-4. Anything after that has to be done by the Assistants.

Also how do you all take into account when your account manager has to go 30 miles and may have to dismantle a bunk bed etc and maybe gone longer than a local delivery. Do you black out some of the spaces on the DAP?

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We are trying to find a good solution so we don't overload the account managers, get the deliveries done, and past due calls done and have them out on their scheduled time which is 7.15.


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