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JD Byrider Opens Doors to New Opportunities in 2007
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The upcoming Las Vegas NADA Convention on February 3rd through February 6th will feature J.D. Byrider Systems as a primary exhibitor showcasing new franchising opportunities.

J.D Byrider, the nation’s largest used car and finance company franchise, was proud to announce the opening of its newest dealership. After 10 years of award-winning customer service and strong portfolio performance at a 6,000-square-foot site on Pendleton Pike, the Byrider store had outgrown its location. Now, customers are being welcomed to a new 17,000-square-foot home at 1525 N. Shadeland Ave.

Since 1989, when the first Byrider store opened, the company has grown from one lone dealership in Indiana to the largest network of dealers in the country. This network of quality dealerships consistently delivers dependable cars to the customers who need them. As J.D. Byrider continues to advance into its seventeenth year of operation, its mission of exceeding the customers’ expectations and maximizing those same customers’ opportunities for advancement continues to be its most prominent goal.

On Dec. 18 2006, the doors of J.D. Byrider’s new Shadeland Avenue dealership swung wide open to welcome Indianapolis-area customers with financial challenges, offering them a lift on the road back to success. This dealership is committed to providing affordable financing in a friendly and professional atmosphere. This, however, is nothing new for a company dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Byrider’s typical customers include hard-working established men and women, as well as young people who are just starting lives of their own. The company is dedicated to serving these customers. From helping those with special financing needs by branding their own automobile financing company, CNAC, and then placing it in their dealership for fast credit approval, to producing a daily customer satisfaction monitoring program, Byrider’s dedication to its clientele is clearly its top priority.

After a decade of maintaining high standards and serving customers, the need for a larger venue was apparent. To maintain and exceed expectations of even more satisfied customers, the new lot will prove to be the foundation for an even stronger company. This larger location can only add more opportunities for everyone. The dealership will carry over its mission and continue to provide quality cars with affordable payments and a better car care program after the sale.

Byrider’s commitment to service is reflected in its 95% customer satisfaction rating. This is an astronomically positive result which exceeds the ratings given by customers at new car dealerships. “Some companies grow so large that it’s difficult for them to hold on to the ideals that fueled the company’s growth in the first place,” said Steven E. Wedding, Byrider’s chief financial officer. But the fact is, in order to satisfy J.D. Byrider’s founder’s vision of what his company could become, each of the stores needed to be committed to achieving even more satisfied customers.

“Our customers will get the greatest benefit from this move, especially when it comes to our on-site service department—a feature you don’t find at the corner used-car lot,” said Joe Cianelli, managing partner of the store. “We’ve increased the number of service bays from four to ten, thereby cutting the wait for appointments and simultaneously creating new jobs for certified auto technicians.”

“This expansion is proof of the store’s success and one of the reasons that it was a 2006 President’s Award winner,” said Brent Newman, president of J.D. Byrider’s Company Stores division. “J.D. Byrider President’s Awards are given to the top 10% of stores and are based on both customer satisfaction and the financial performance of the dealership.”

Typical sales volumes at Byrider stores are lower than those of conventional used-car lots because the company takes the time to work closely with customers to identify the best vehicle for them. Byrider maintains its positive ratings by working with each of its customers in order to find vehicles that best fit their needs. J.D. Byrider openly answers questions and helps its customers create a monthly budget, insuring that this new vehicular addition to their lives will not break their budget. In addition, at every store, time is taken to thoroughly explain the terms of the sale.

In its quest to exceed the customer’s expectations, this dealership offers a modern, sophisticated, and professional environment. The new Shadeland Avenue store has proven to add value to the surrounding community. Byrider took what was once an unkempt, weed-filled, three-acre lot and turned it into a tidy, professional and brightly-lit beacon of the neighborhood’s prosperity. This new store offers the kind of experience that is lacking at other fly-by-night used-car lots. Buyers accustomed to being constantly underserved by other dealerships are sure to be pleasantly surprised and most welcoming to this new store and the respect for the customer that it readily brings with it.

This store is one of 14 company-owned stores within the nation’s oldest and largest used-car franchise. Byrider has 127 franchised locations in 29 states, including 17 in Indiana.

Additionally, the upcoming Las Vegas NADA Convention on February 3rd through February 6th will feature J.D. Byrider Systems as a primary exhibitor showcasing new franchising opportunities.

J.D. Byrider Systems: Headquartered in Carmel, IN, outside Indianapolis, J.D. Byrider was founded in 1989. Its mission is to serve customers with special financing needs who are routinely ignored by other dealers and to ensure they receive the same quality service in every Byrider dealership. Today, some 700,000 vehicles later, daily monitoring by each dealership shows an average customer satisfaction rating of 94%. There are franchisee- and company-owned J.D. Byrider dealerships in 29 states. More than 5,000 people—many of them repeat customers or referrals—trust Byrider with their business every month. Visit


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