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Serta Feels Like a Winner
By RTO Online - The rent to own industry's trade website
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See Serta Inc. in booth 100 at RentDirect PrimeTime!
Agenda | Vendor List | Floorplan

Serta, Inc. continues to differentiate the ‘feels’ of their mattresses while expanding their lineup to the rental industry

Serta, Inc. continues to differentiate the ‘feels’ of their mattresses while expanding their lineup to the rental industry
Serta, Inc. continues to differentiate the ‘feels’ of their mattresses while expanding their lineup to the rental industry - contact Brad Rogers at 770-853-7901 for more information.
Serta Inc.
Brad Rogers
Booth # 100

When a mattress guy says customers are very comfortable with his brand – does he recognize the pun?

“That’s a good one, but what we really mean is that Serta enjoys a 94% brand awareness by general consumers. Knowing what Serta stands for and recognizing there is a quality name and brand behind our product puts customers at ease with their decision,” said Brad Rogers, Southeast Regional Vice President for Serta, Inc.

“As the brand leader within our industry we have been first-to-market with several innovations. Throughout 2007, we will debut a more compelling story for our mattresses with different ‘feels’ between price points. We want the customer to feel the difference so there are legitimate reasons for a dealer to up sell. Serta offers every ‘feel’ there is, yet the level of support is consistent among them. Customers will often mistake comfort level with firmness. They will say they want a good, firm mattress but what they really want is a good, supportive mattress. We want to help customers understand which level of support ‘feels’ best for them. It’s such a subjective item, because the level of comfort is different for each individual consumer. We believe helping the customer feel the difference among all of our quality mattress lines will ultimately help them get a better night’s rest on a Serta brand mattress.”

Serta focuses on building its brand to such an extent than it spends more than twice as much on national advertising than the next closest competitor. The counting sheep campaign currently running has been a very successful one for Serta, with the sheep’s likeness being turned into popular stuffed animals.

Serta’s commitment to service extends to product shipments. The Serta promise on all orders is “100% complete, 100% of the time, and 100% on time”. It helps that all Serta mattresses are domestically manufactured at multiple production facilities across the United States

“We had great response at the last RentDirect show and we are excited to be back. We plan to introduce a new Perfect Sleeper line at this show and also a new promotional line of Serta mattresses. This continues to be a strong alliance where everyone benefits - RentDirect, rental stores, Serta – and most of all, rental customers.”

Serta Inc. - contact Brad Rogers at 770-853-7901 for more information.

POINT DIRECT: All RTO orders are placed directly with Serta. Expansion into new markets, like the rental industry, has helped Serta grow faster than any other bedding manufacturer over the last 12 years

Serta Inc. is a proud participant in the 2007 RentDirect PrimeTime! buying Show, February 11-14, 2007 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Las Orlando, Florida. Rent to Own dealers should contact James MacAlpine at 336-714-8802 or for more information on joining RentDirect, the nation's largest rent to own buying group.

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