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Rent One Enters Gaming Market; Is Latest Craze Good For RTO?
RTO Online
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By: Rent One

Tightening the last screw, we stepped back to take in the slick paint job. The vibrant hue of blue seemed to shimmer more than any previous attempt. Headlights and a chrome grill were finishing touches that screamed to fly with the fast pack. It was sleek and sure to surpass all the speed records. We knew this would be the best series yet.

No, we don’t speak of the latest model sports car. We stand in admiration of the newest custom built gaming computer. “Mod Cases,” as the computer gaming dudes like to call them, are being built and emerging as the hottest new item for Rent One customers.

A little over eight years ago, Rent One started carrying computers in their regular rental inventory. In the RTO industry, it can be a little tricky to clean up and reload computers to get them back out on rent. The more households that rented computers the more needed to be restored. Something done in the back room of stores quickly became a full time job. Rent One developed a department that did nothing but repair and rebuild the rental computers. Two years ago that department became “PC Rescue and Sales,” with its own building and sales floor.


Repairing their own computers gave Rent One a unique opportunity to watch and learn what the customer liked and what systems went well together. They began to replace common components with more usable and desired equipment and are seeing a similar evolution in the entire computer industry.

These computers, or gaming machines, are a little different than what the industry is accustomed to putting on rent. Built for entirely different reasons, these systems do more than store your check book data. Customers use them for browsing the internet, for communications, and for gaming. In some households, they are just as much entertainment as the TV. The newest games on the market for these computers have progressed from a paddle style game to more of a movie unfolding before the player’s eyes.

"Tomorrow’s computers are not just an ugly box"
Bruce Venters, Manager of PC Rescue & Sales
“ with a few wires that you try to tuck away in some big bulky desk,” says Bruce Venters, Manager of PC Rescue & Sales. “New systems are quite the opposite. They are treated to bright shining paint jobs, customized with lights, fans and side covers with see-through ports to show off all the internal magic.” Gamers and consumers who are buying these modified cabinets are proud to have them set up right in plain view for all to see, evoking the message that real power lies within, waiting to be unleashed.

“There is a change underway in how the customer uses the computer and what they expect it to look like,” comments Venters. “Recently, we put a few of these machines in place at select stores to test the market and they went like fire. Just one week later another complete order was put together.”

Don’t worry if you are afraid you might not find a computer geek who would buy such a machine. There is one in every household. People are advancing with technology - from having a TV in every room to having a sleek designed computer to enjoy in every home. Rent One is already prepared to be there, providing what they see as the next generation of home entertainment: brightly lit and high speed gaming computers.

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Rent One is owned by Larry Carrico (who's who)








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