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Mow and Grow; Poulan Delivering New Customers With Non-Traditional Rental Products
By RTO Online - The rent to own industry's trade website
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See Poulan in booth 1001 at RentDirect PrimeTime!
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Poulan Outdoor, North America’s leading manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, helps RentDirect members gain agreements with a nontraditional rental category.

Poulan Outdoor, North America’s leading manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, helps RentDirect members gain agreements with a nontraditional rental category.
Poulan Outdoor, North America’s leading manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, helps RentDirect members gain agreements with a nontraditional rental category. - contact Todd Gay at 706-826-6902 for more information.
Todd Gay
Booth # 1001

It was necessity that spurred innovation in the lawn care industry, giving us such useful tools as the Weed Eater and the hand-held chain saw (both stories are an important part of Poulan corporate lore). Yet for years, consumer lawn care equipment remained firmly entrenched as a retail-only category. Sure, you could rent some equipment from the local rental yard, but never from the same store where you’d go to rent a sofa.

However, for those rental dealers willing to experiment with Poulan lawn care products, this new category has helped then… ahem…mow down the competition.

“Aaron’s and Badcock were among the first to try renting our products and I can say it has grown tremendously since then,” said Todd Gay, Sales Manager for Poulan Outdoor. “There is a great opportunity for rental dealers to bring in our merchandise without taking up precious showroom space. The most successful operators display the riding mowers outside the store, exactly like the big-box retailers do. Then at night, they just roll them back in the store again.”

The entire line of Poulan merchandise that is available to retail stores is available to rental dealers, as well. That includes riding mowers, walk-behind mowers and hand-held items like chain saws, trimmers, blowers and more. Poulan manufactures under three brand names – Poulan, Poulan Pro and Weed Eater. They boast more than a 50% market share of their industry, which Gay sees as a testament to the quality of their product.

“All of our items are made right here in the U.S. The McRae, Georgia facility that builds our walk-behind mowers is the largest single plant manufacturer of lawn mowers in the world. The Nashville, Arkansas chain saw factory is the single largest one of it’s type in the world – producing over 1 million units each year. Any time you make and sell that much product, you’re doing something right.”

Each Poulan item is carefully designed to offer just the right combination of features for a wide range of needs. Every product is backed with a full warranty and is built with Poulan’s tradition of quality and pride in being made right here in the USA. For decades, Poulan products have made work easier for millions of satisfied customers. Now they say they’re ready to make higher profit margins easy work for rental dealers.

Poulan - contact Todd Gay at 706-826-6902 for more information.

POINT DIRECT: The first Weed Eater was created when its inventor copied the circular motion of the automatic brushes from his neighborhood car wash.

Poulan is a proud participant in the 2006 RentDirect PrimeTime! buying Show, August 20-23, 2006 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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