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Consumer Confidence Rebounds After 18-Month Low In May
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LCD TV, Notebook and Monitor Shipments Post Record Highs; 32" Continues To Dominate; 52" Shows Impressive Growth
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Dorm Furnishings, Electronics Push Back-to-College Sales Past $47 Billion
Interest In Plasma Falls As LCD Continues March Toward DTV Dominance
Experts Predict LCD Panel Shortages In Second Half Of 2007
Consumers Delay Back-To-School Spending; 46% Plan To Buy Electronics
Consumers Remain Wary; Purchasing Intentions Up Slightly From 2006
Prediction; Consumer Spending Will Not Collapse in Face of Sub Prime Housing Correction
Warning; Virus ''Storms'' On The Rise
Next Generation of Consumers Spending Massive Amount of Time Online
Electronics Growth Slows; PC Market Perks Up
Consumer Electronics Factory To Dealer Sales To Grow Eight Percent In 2007
Experts Predict Wage Increases, Rise in Short-Term Interest Rates
Wal-Mart CEO, "Consumers Continue To Be Challenged Financially"
772 Million People Online Worldwide in May; Google Continues Domination
Three Quarters Of Small Business Owners Say High Gas Prices Hurting Business
Game Console Competition Fierce; Penetration To Reach 50% in 2008
Asset Limited Income Constrained; Study By Clemson University Attempts To Better Understand Subprime Consumers And The Industries That Serve Them
Survey Finds Women Most Pessimistic About Economy; Data Indicates Furniture, Appliance Spending Increase By Q4
Apple iPhone to Grab 10 Percent Smartphone Share By End of 2007
Large-Size TFT-LCD Shipments Record 33.1 Million in May
Widescreen Notebooks And Bigger Screen TVs Will Dominate Fathers Day Consumer Electronic Sales
There Will Be One Billion PCs In Use By End Of 2008; Two Billion PCs Worldwide By 2015
TransUnion Begins Offering Rent to Own, Payday Loan Histories; Traditional Retail Paying Increasing Attention To Non-Traditional Financial Services Data
New Study Of Underbanked Consumer Preferences
U.S. Census Data Available Online For All US Counties
65% of Business Professionals Use Social Networking Sites To Connect With Peers
Consumers Cautious; Gas Prices Continue Negative Effect On Economy
70 Percent of US to Have Broadband By 2012
Samsung Leads Q1'07 Units Shipped And Revenue
Census Reports More Houses Have More Bedrooms
Younger Consumers Driving Demand for Online Payment Options
Prediction; Fuel To Reach $4 Per Gallon
The Web 2.0 Train is Coming; Get Your Business On Or Get Out Of The Way
Top 10 Consumer Electronics and Computer Gifts for Mother’s Day 2007
LCD Continues To Dominate Plasma; Plasma Shipments Fall for the First Time
Survey; Nearly 70 Percent of Workers Confident in Future of Current Employer
Recruiters Get Aggressive As Labor Market Tightens
Teenagers Lead Early Adoption of Consumer Electronics
Flat Panel TV Prices Predicted To Plunge In December
more... difference between positive consumer attitudes about their current situations and their relatively pessimistic outlook for the future...

Americans are reporting increased consumer confidence in June as satisfaction with current economic conditions, jobs, and personal finances improved, moving the RBC CASH Index to 84, a noteworthy increase from the 18 month low score of 78.2 reported in May. However, pessimism about future conditions also increased with three out of five consumers agreeing the country is on the wrong track. This is according to the June RBC CASH (Consumer Attitudes and Spending by Household) Index.

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According to the survey, one-fifth (22 percent) of respondents surveyed for the RBC CASH Index rated their local economy as strong and one-quarter (26 percent) similarly characterized their personal finances. Both these figures are an improvement over May's results – 14 percent and 22 percent respectively. Positive assessments about current employment conditions further drove the overall RBC CASH Index result for June, as 43 percent of respondents report increased confidence in job security. This finding is consistent with last month's numbers and slightly below last year's results (45 percent). Additionally, one-third (33 percent) of polled consumers said they are more confident today about making a major purchase than they were six months ago.

The survey findings were not entirely positive with nearly three out of five respondents (59 percent) indicating they felt the country was "off on the wrong track". This is consistent with last month's findings but up significantly from a year ago (40 percent).

Furthermore, individual expectations for the local economy, personal finances, and job security dropped considerably from last month. As a result, the RBC Expectations Index, the component of the overall index that examines these specific issues, fell to 37.2 this month from 48.1 in May – and from 82.2 in June of last year.

"While low interest rates and continued favorable conditions in the housing market continue to provide strong reasons to believe that the economy can continue to grow and create jobs, the sharp difference between positive consumer attitudes about their current situations and their relatively pessimistic outlook for the future, as reported in the RBC CASH index, underscore what the Treasury market may already be telling us," said Vince Boberski, senior economist at RBC Dain Rauscher. "Since 2003, the Treasury yield curve has continued to flatten, to the point where it is at its flattest point since 2001. This movement makes sense if people feel positive about the economy today, but are pessimistic about its future."



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