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Pre-Paid Services Key To RTO Industry Growth
RTO Online
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dPi Teleconnect Uses Innovation To Increase Revenue For Rent to Own Companies

By Kamecia Lambert
Brand Manager, dPi Teleconnect

Diversification, or the employed strategy for moving beyond a business's core, is effective at sustaining long-term profitable performance and relationships
Kamecia Lambert, Brand Manager, dPi Teleconnect

Diversify; To produce more than one thing; A practice that reduces risk; To increase the variety

While businesses have advanced without it, those seeking longevity have embraced Diversification. In the absence of new merchandise categories, diversification of services has become the leading growth driver of Rent to Own industry profits in recent years. dPi Teleconnect, one of the nation’s largest and most successful providers of pre-paid dial tone, has been the RTO industry's primary partner in that growth.

Diversification, or the employed strategy for moving beyond a business's core, is critical to sustaining long-term profitable performance and relationships. “Over the past several months, every trade show’s key note speaker has stressed the importance of diversification and innovation of products within your demographic,” said Mikell Sullivan Vice President of Sales for dPi Teleconnect.

Ms. Sullivan, who recently attended the TRIB (The Rental Industry Buying Group) trade show, shared those sentiments with other vendors. “The numbers prove it. If you want to be successful, you cannot have a myopic business view,” Sullivan continued. “You have to see the big picture, but at the same time, you can’t lose sight of your focal point.”

Nuestros clientes son sus clientes; Our customers are your customers
Key to the big picture are relationships that cater to the shared consumers needs. For over 5 years, dPi Teleconnect and RTO leaders have done just that. Strategic relationships between dPi and Rent to Own companies such as RentWay Inc, Rent-A-Center Inc, Kelly Rentals, ColorTyme and many others, have allowed each company expand product offerings while not losing focus.

"This quarter dPi will launch pre-paid debit cards and will round off its additions with pre-paid Internet this fall"

Strengthening its ability to provide for consumers, dPi has employed it's own a diversified business strategy. The process began with the addition of pre-paid long distance products. From there, the company began providing cellular reloads. This quarter dPi will launch pre-paid debit cards and will round off its additions with pre-paid Internet this fall.

With a simple corporate mission, dPi has eliminated investment costs and increased RTO industry revenues; all without distracting the rent to own dealer/partner from their core.

So how does dPi make it so easy?

  • The dPi brand is trusted for excellence in providing pre-paid products.
  • dPi eliminates the financial cost to its partner by providing all marketing and training material to their agents.
  • dPi’s mission parallels with the majority of RTO and Check Cashing/Cash Advance companies.
  • A shared consumer base and an understanding of consumer trends allow both party’s to increase profitability.
  • dPi streamlines the process by providing all of its products through Web Central.
  • Diversifying with dPi means having ONE invoice, ONE billing company, ONE Account Representative, ONE company you and your customers can rely on.

As society continues to evolve, so will the need for pre-paid products. The decision now to be a part of the pre-paid supply chain enables you to further strengthen your customer relationships.

Imagine - Your customer's sixteen sixteen year old daughter has a flat tire 2 miles from the nearest gas station. Luckily, you reloaded her cellular minutes before she left town. She calls for a tow on her pre-paid cell phone. She pays for the tow, the tire, and a hot cup of coffee with her dPi pre-paid debit card purchased at your store. You saved a daughters day, made a mom very happy, and made a profit for your company. Some might call you a super hero. dPi would like to call you a super partner.

For more information on how you can partner with dPi, contact the dPi Agent Relations department 1-800-383-9956


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