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PCRental Agent Software Locks And Tracks Missing Rental Computers
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PCRental Agent Software Locks And Tracks Missing Rental Computers


We’ve installed PCRental Agent last month and it’s already helped us recover a missing laptop.
Khalid Kolgaonkar, ColorTyme Franchisee

"After all attempts at collections fail or when the customer skips, we just logon to the website and tell the Central Server to lockdown the computer."
Khalid Kolgaonkar, ColorTyme Franchisee

RTORentalAgent2.jpgK3 Investments, LLC DBA Colortyme adopts PCRental Agent and finds early success. Owner Khalid Kolgaonkar said “We’ve installed PCRental Agent last month and it’s already helped us recover a missing laptop.”

PCRental Agent is software that you can install on all your rental computers. It can be remotely managed from a website and allows you to lockdown and track a computer. Once locked, the computer cannot be used until a password is entered. Since you control when the computer gets locked and the password, customers will need to contact you. You control when they get the password to unlock the computer. No more broken commitments, skipped customers, stolen computers.

Mr. Kolgaonkar goes on to say “We’ve seen application software in the past that worked as metering software requiring us to constantly and tediously manage pin numbers. The overall experience for the customer wasn’t good, and that type of software was difficult to manage. PCRental Agent isn’t metering software. It runs unnoticed and we control when to lockdown a computer. After all attempts at collections fail or when the customer skips, we just logon to the website and tell the Central Server to lockdown the computer. Once locked, the customer has no recourse but to contact us to get the computer unlocked."

Mr. Kolgaonkar continued, "It was easy to setup and install, we just paid the $19.95 setup fee and we got a 60-day free trial. We’ve already recovered one skip and moved a couple of 15+ and we’ve just started. With the low cost of the software, after the free trial period, only being 50¢ per computer per month, all we have to do is recover one computer a year and we’ve more than paid for the software fees.”

Tim Kelly, of PCRental Agent explains; “I’ve been in Rent-to-own for over ten years running my own stores along with developing technology solutions for businesses over the past 20 years. Recently I started teaching my son the RTO business while he was on summer break from college. While trying to contact a customer over 30 days past due with a computer, he mentioned we should have some software that would allow us to turn it off. After doing some research there wasn’t a product that allowed someone to track and lockdown a computer. I have used metering software that turned a system off every week or so and you kept the system active by issuing a PIN each time the customer paid. But, these packages often required lots of management and often gave a bad experience to many customers.

Therefore, we decided to develop the software ourselves and within a short period of time we had a product and had it installed. We immediately started getting results and after talking to several other RTO Professionals and sharing our success they asked for a copy. This prompted us to make PCRental Agent® as a service that could be sold and easily installed and managed by any RTO store. Not only make it simple and easy for each store to manage but to also make it affordable. Or pricing structure only adds $7.50 to the cost of a computer on a twelve month rental. With this low cost and functionality of the software we believe that anyone renting computers will want to install it."

Kelly concluded, "We’re so convinced of it that we’re offering it FREE for 60-days. All we ask is you pay $19.95 which covers the cost of shipping, handling, CD’s, and programming the Central Servers with your stores. If after 60-days you’re not convinced, just stop using the software.”

To find out more about PCRental Agent and to order your copy, go to



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