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Tips For Using Ad-Specialties To Promote Your Rent to Own Business
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By Chet Pensak
Inform print & Promotions

A 1993 study also showed that customers were 22% more likely to provide the names of friends and acquaintances to stores that offered promotional products than those that did not.

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Promotional products have proven to be one of the most effective tools in advertising. They help to promote your company, increase customer loyalty and good will, increase referrals and traffic, build employee morale, produce repeat business, and much more. When you give someone a pen, a mug or one of 650,000 other products, they are reminded of your companyís name and message over and over.

The first modern ad specialty item dates back to the late 1800ís. A newspaper owner noticed a school girl dropped her books and gave him the idea of printing local merchants names on bags to give away for awareness, good-will and to increase to traffic. His idea skyrocketed and formed the foundation of what would become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Promotional products date back even as far as medieval times. Supposedly, armor makers gave wooden pegs engraved with their names or symbols to knights they outfitted to be driven into the wall to hang their armor on. In the U.S. George Washington is credited with passing out metal buttons engraved with his initials to his friends and followers. Later, politicians used posters, buttons and badges to support their campaigns. As early as 1850 printers stated producing calendars with advertisements and almanacs included ads for cough drops and Bibles. Soon, printers were putting advertisements on anything that would hold ink; yardsticks, fans, aprons, hats and much more were circulated throughout the country.

According to an article in Advertising Age, more money is spent on ad specialties than outdoor advertisement, Internet display ads, or cable TV ads. Thatís because ad specialties work. A study by Southern Methodist University found that customers who get ad specialties from local businesses tend to return sooner and more frequently. They also spend more on average than those customers who receive a coupon as a thank you for their business. Ad specialties are also increasing in popularity when used for employee incentives and bonuses. A 1994 Baylor University study found that Award and incentive programs improve performance and motivate employees to increase sales, reduce accidents, boost productivity and give better customer service. A 1993 study also showed that customers were 22% more likely to provide the names of friends and acquaintances to stores that offered promotional products than those that did not. With these statistics it is easy to see why the ad specialty business continues to grow.

Some Tips for a Successful Ad Specialties Program:

1.) Determine Your Goals- Are you trying to create awareness about a new product or program, attract new customers, reward existing customers for future sales or provide employee incentives?

2.) Plan ahead-At a minimum, provide at least two to four weeks for production and artwork/imprint approval. Waiting until the last minute can limit your choices and be costly.

3.) Get free ideas-Your Promotional Products specialist can help you tailor an incentive program to fit your budget and your target audience. He/she can suggest several different items that vary from the standard pens or mugs. Be open to new ideas.

4.) Choose an item that will be seen often-You want your logo to be a constant reminder to your target customer. Good options are items for the car, desk or refrigerator.

In closing, ad specialties have been used for over a century and the industry is still growing today. They have been proven to increase referrals and traffic, boost customer and employee morale, and increase customer loyalty and repeat business. There are thousands of Ad Specialties to choose from. Inform Print and Promotions has a dedicated staff of Promotional Products Specialists that can help you tailor a successful incentive program to fit your budget and needs. For more information, go to or call 888-786-3676.

Chet Pensak
Inform Print & Promotions
Fax 800-550-1554






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