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Furniture Market Establishes Hurricane Relief Fund; World Market Center To Match $250,000 In Contributions
RTO Online
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We have seen the impact Hurricane Katrina has had on the furniture industry and believe we have a responsibility and opportunity to lead an effort to help the victims of this unprecedented devastation
Shawn Samson, managing partner of World Market Center

Industry donors are asked to complete the donor information form available online HERE

World Market Center has announced the formation of the Las Vegas Market Relief Fund, designed to help rebuild the communities, homes and lives of displaced families whom have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

The donation drive encourages participation among World Market Center employees, tenants, vendors and the home furnishings industry at large who wish to help in this important effort. To touch the greatest number of lives, World Market Center will match up to $250,000 of contributions made to the Las Vegas Market Relief Fund, enabling donors to expand their contributions and impact.

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“Like many of our friends and colleagues, we have been devastated to see the unfolding tragedy along the Gulf Coast where so many families and businesses have lost so much. We have also seen the impact Hurricane Katrina has had on the furniture industry and believe we have a responsibility and opportunity to lead an effort to help the victims of this unprecedented devastation,” said Shawn Samson, managing partner of World Market Center.

“The gravity of the situation is at its peak, but we know the rebuilding and relief effort will have to continue for months and years to come. Therefore, we have partnered with three special organizations - National Furniture Bank Association, Habitat for Humanity, and UJC Disaster Relief Fund - in order to help families restore their communities, refurnish their homes and rebuild their lives,” added Jack Kashani, managing partner of World Market Center.

“While some of our tenants and vendors may have already made commitments to important charities, we feel our fund brings tremendous value because it brings solidarity to the home furnishings community, and enables their dollars to literally double as part of this industry-wide effort,” added Mr. Samson.

World Market Center is working on a two-staged response to helping families. First, the market is matching dollar for dollar, up to $250,000, for every donation that is given to the Las Vegas Market Relief Fund. Donations can be made by downloading the Donor Form on-line and sending a check to World Market Center made payable to any of the three partner charities.

The second stage to the effort will culminate during the January market in which vendors and manufacturers will be asked to make in-kind product donations to the cause. With more than 1,200 exhibitors, market officials believe a charitable component at the end of the show would be a compelling way to continue helping families. World Market Center also plans to invite the Las Vegas community to be a part of this furniture drive and allow them to drop off their donations. World Market Center plans to arrange moving product to needy families following the January Market.

Donors and World Market Center can give to any combination of the three charities and World Market Center will match the total up to $250,000. 100 percent of all proceeds received will be directed to charities for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. The donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a letter directly from the charitable organizations acknowledging the contribution.

Donors are asked to complete the donor information form available on line at  and make checks payable to any one of the partner charities listed below and mail to: World Market Center, 495 S. Grand Central Pkwy., Suite 2203 Las Vegas, Nevada 89106; Attention: Las Vegas Market Relief Fund.

About the Partner Charitable Organizations:

National Furniture Bank Association (NFBA)
The home furnishings industry’s unified charitable organization, the National Furniture Bank Association, has already served hundreds of relocated families needing emergency assistance due to Hurricane Katrina. Your assistance enables the NFBA to provide furniture, mattresses, cribs, and linens to the tens of thousands of families who have lost everything. For more information, visit:

Habitat For Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that aims to provide safe, decent, affordable shelter through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials. Following Hurricane Katrina’s catastrophic strike on the Gulf Coast, Habitat for Humanity International has formed an emergency fund to help families in the affected areas recover and rebuild. For more information visit:

UJC Disaster Relief Fund
A Disaster Relief Fund established by United Jewish Communities/Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, to aid communities touched by Hurricane Katrina in affected areas. The priority of the Fund is emergency cash, financial assistance for medication, healthcare, water, food and temporary shelter. In addition, the Fund is looking to establish a program of grants and in-kind donations to help the victims get on their feet again. For more information, visit:



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