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Phone: 814-725-4380
Address: 108 Hutchinson Dr
Northeast,  PA  16428
About PCRental Agent by Designerware

-Track and Protect your RTO Computers

Stop computer write-offs, skips, and find stolen computers

Wouldn’t it be nice that once a customer stopped paying you or skipped, you could prevent them from using your rental merchandise?

Now you can. PCRental Agent® is software that you can install on all your rental computers that can be remotely managed from our website and allows you to lockdown a customer’s computer. Once locked, the computer cannot be used until they enter a password. Since you control when the computer gets locked and the password, customers will need to contact you and you can control when they get the password to unlock the computer. No more broken commitments, skipped customers, stolen computers.

Can you afford to lose track of your Rental Computers?

Get the ultimate tracking and loss prevention solution for the RTO Industry

Recover computers
• The Central Server flags the reporting Agent for Lockdown at the monitoring center. When the Agent reports in, it will be told to lockdown the computer. Once the Agent goes into lockdown mode the computer can only be unlocked with a password that you control.
• The Agent reports in every 2 hours online reporting its location and checking its status.

Only pay for computers using the software at a cost of 50˘ a month per computer.
• Load the software on your entire inventory and pay just a $1.95 setup fee when the Agent first reports in. Then only pay for those that are reporting into the Central Server at a low cost of 50˘ a month per computer.
• On a 12 month rental it only costs you $7.95 to fully protect your assets.
• No long term commitment.
• Pay as you get paid and as you rent and collect.

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