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Traci Walters 




1033 N Bishope Ave
Dallas,  TX  75208

The Maxxafe System is an alternative to "traditional" document destruction services. The focus of our attention was on companies where any of the following conditions apply:

· Due to varying volume, regularly scheduled pick-ups cannot be justified.
· Individual Shredders are still being utilized.
· Traditional service is unavailable. (Rural areas)

Here are some features that set us apart from our competition:

· Nationwide Service with only one 'sub-contractor': FedEx - While there are several companies that advertise nationwide service, there is no one company with a physical location in every city in the U.S. therefore, sub-contractors must be utilized. Our partnership with FedEx provides our customers with the benefit of having the expertise and legal backing of the nations #1 express transportation provider and, we can service every city in the continental U.S.
· Compliance Reporting - Barcode tracking with weight measurement enables constant compliance reporting, by location. This creates ease of internal auditing by comparing levels of destruction. Additionally, should a regulatory inquiry be made, you can immediately document compliance.
· Customized Online Training - One of the three 'legs' to being in compliance is to provide training to your employees on your company's process. We can customize training to meet the requirements of the laws and the needs of your company to keep you in compliance.
· On-demand Service - With no set pick up schedule and no monthly service fees, you pay only for the service you need, when you need it. Cost is arguably the best feature of the system.
· Most laws require that if you are going to use a third party destruction service, you must sign a business associate’s agreement with them and do due diligence. Whatever vendor you choose, make sure that they are NAID Certified as part of that due diligence.

Totally unique, there is nothing like Maxxafe System. We have developed a 3-minute movie that describes the issues surrounding identity theft and our solution to them that can be viewed here:

Also, many questions can be answered on our FAQ's page here:

An ever more important benefit to the system is environmental stewardship. Maxxafe is 100% recycled.

We can get a location set up for as little as $50.00. After that, there is absolutely no charge whatsoever until the container is shipped.

Contact me today for more information.

Traci D. Walters
V.P. Marketing
Maxxafe System
Office: 214-272-3241
Cell: 727-433-0683
HQ: 888-SHRED89
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Identity theft is a crime that has hurt millions of Americans. As a result, federal and state governments have passed laws that require companies to securely destroy consumer information they collect. Maxxafe is the only company that can service every single city in the continental U.S..