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Marketing Pre-Paid Services To Hispanics
RTO Online
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Marketing Pre-Paid Services To Hispanics
Pre-paid Wireless Services in RTO Stores; BGC Telecom offers expanded product line


When writing English text to be translated into Spanish, it is important to note there are differences in the way some Spanish cultures say certain words and phrases.

By Anthony Jarrett
BGC Director of Business Development

If youíre a partner, decision maker or marketing manager in the RTO industry whose task is to oversee Hispanic marketing copy and creative, itís important to have the products that Hispanics want and to get the message right.

The average Hispanic consumer is exposed - consciously and subconsciously - to over 2,000 messages per day, 365 days a year, from television, radio, outdoor, newspaper and magazines. Thatís a tremendous amount of competition for your ad message to cut through.

BGC Telecom has a diverse product line that can give any RTO store extensive product diversity, competitive edge and a new profit center for 2006. These products include Cingular Prepaid, Boost Mobile, Verizon Easy Pay, Oxygen Prepaid, Net10, Tracfone, Venture PCS, International Calling Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Bill Payment Program, Wireless Reloads and a complete accessory line that can be tailored for your specific market and customer. Many of these wireless phones have discounted international calling rates including calls to Mexico and other Latin American countries.

With Hispanics as the nationís largest minority, RTO marketers should find products that are wanted by Hispanics and know exactly where their products are being distributed. If you are selling product in Miami where Cubans comprise up to 54 percent of the population, language use will play an important role. Miami is one of the most diversely populated cities in the United States. Itís a city of almost 4 million residents and among them are Latinos hailing from eight or more Latin American countries. Los Angeles is still the No. 1 Hispanic-populated city in the United States with Mexicans as the Hispanic majority at 85 percent. Prepaid products canít be overlooked when targeting Hispanics. Standard Spanish is the way to go when marketing, but expanding the product line in your RTO stores in 2006 to include a diverse selection of prepaid products will prove to be profitable.

Today, we see large enterprise companies rushing to develop Spanish-language marketing programs to capture new sales from a young, hip generation of Hispanic consumers who are spending billions of dollars on goods and services. As a result, these companies are directing millions of advertising dollars to increase awareness and brand their products. BGC Telecom can bring many of these products into your RTO stores.

How important is it to get it right in the Spanish language? Extremely important, because major dollars are being invested and expectations on the return are high. Here are a few helpful tips that can be used when marketing to Hispanics.

When writing English text to be translated into Spanish, it is important to note there are differences in the way some Spanish cultures say certain words and phrases. Many times, an English word will not exist in Spanish, and you must find another word or phrase to communicate the same feeling. An experienced copywriter also knows what happens to his English text when itís translated into Spanish - it gets longer. So write with brevity and be direct.

Ask yourself, is my ad going to speak to Mexicans or Puerto Ricans, Hondurans or Guatemalans? Is the sales message correct? Are my disclosures correct? Are the grammar and spelling correct? If youíre not sure, explain your adís goal to someone who understands and speaks the language. By doing so, youíll lessen the chance for mistakes.

An improperly spelled word or the misuse of a phrase can create an entirely different meaning than planned. Remember the Chevy Nova? The name literally meant ďno-goĒ in Spanish. Chevrolet didnít sell many Novas in the 1970s. Mazda Miata? Got Milk? My Spanish-speaking friends will understand.
By spending time up front doing your homework and selecting a diverse line of prepaid products youíll be sure to place your RTO stores on the right track with millions of Hispanic consumers. Many analysts are predicting the bulk of wireless growth in 2006 to come in the form of prepaid and hybrid subscribers
Contact BGC Telecom for more information




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