The Positive Properties and Characteristics of Oak that Make it a Wonderful Property Asset

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Oak has been widely used for generations as furniture, flooring, support structure, and more, and there’s no denying that when you have oak elements in your property, it’s a feature that can add a lot of value indeed. This is even truer if you have older oak elements, like flooring or beams, as these can give your property or structure a distinctive appeal and make it more attractive to buyers. But what makes oak such a significant choice for any home, and what makes it better than other kinds of wood? Here are the positive properties and characteristics of oak that make it a wonderful asset to your property.

Its flexibility

One particularly notable feature and characteristic of oak wood is its flexibility. Not only does oak boast a lot of strength and appeal – but it is also entirely flexible and even more flexible than other types of wood. You can use it for flooring or cladding on the exterior portion of your property, and oak beams have been a popular element in many older structures for years. Speaking of which, if your property boasts older oak beams and they are showing some signs of disrepair or need a bit of restoration, it’s worth turning to experts in beam renovation services who can bring back their former glory without harming the wood. Oak is also more flexible due to its uniform colour and graining, which allows you to use it both externally and internally with ease.

Its looks

Oak is an attractive wood for sure, and it has a unique appearance that makes it pleasing to look at and draws the attention of viewers. The timber is indeed as desirable as ever, and you can use it for both modern and period properties because it suits almost all themes. The colour of the wood looks very natural, and it has a golden hue that will eventually turn silvery over time and make the wood look even more distinguished. In fact, just like wine, oak looks even better with time! The graining of the wood itself will not require staining or waxing, you can emphasise its beauty, and the wood’s texture is also very appealing to any property owner.

Its durability

Everyone knows about the innate strength and hardiness of oak wood, and this is another reason it’s a common choice for many structures. Oak beams, for example, can last for decades and even centuries, and you have probably seen your fair share of oak beams and furniture that still stand and work well today. The reason for its durability lies in its high tannin concentration, and with this, it can easily resist infestation from insects or the buildup of mould or fungi. Compared to other kinds of timber, oak isn’t likely to decay, warp, or rot. You can make the wood even stronger with a unique drying method, which strips the wood of moisture and makes it more resistant to temperature changes.

Whether you already have oak elements or furniture or are still thinking of acquiring them, it’s an investment that’s worth making, bar none. With the wood’s strength, appeal, and durability, you can use it for almost any purpose, and with the correct treatment, it can last for a long time indeed.

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