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See TruckSkin in booth 656 at RentDirect PrimeTime!
Agenda | Vendor List | Floorplan

TruckSkin® turns your vehicle into a colorful, cost-efficient mobile billboard

TruckSkin® turns your vehicle into a colorful, cost-efficient mobile billboard
TruckSkin® turns your vehicle into a colorful, cost-efficient mobile billboard - contact Joe Lapekas at 231-218-5159 for more information.
Joe Lapekas
Booth # 656

TruckSkin is a patented, changeable ‘second skin’ vinyl outerwear for vehicles that provides coverage for golf carts all the way up to 53-foot semi trailers. These seamless, high-resolution digitally-printed vinyl panels mount easily on the sides and back door of your delivery trucks, vans - even a regular car.

“People have realized the reliability and the value of the old adage – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. TruckSkin graphics allow companies to increase their brand recognition and promote specific products with eye-catching colors and graphics on something they use everyday already – their vehicles,” said Joe Lapekas, President of TruckSkin, LLC.

“We provide unique solutions for one vehicle all the way up to an entire corporate fleet. We have some cash advance clients who wrap their manager’s vehicle with graphics that look like an oversized $100 bill and then they park it near their location for extra visibility.”

“In addition to providing mobile advertising for your company, the skins protect your fleet from rigorous over-the-road wear and tear, shield the truck body from harmful UV rays, and can be easily changed and updated. Plus, with the design of electronics changing at such a rapid pace, we can always create skins in sections so that your product photos always look up-to-date.”

TruckSkin’s website – – makes it easy to download a measuring guide to have a TruckSkin fitted for your store trucks. Current templates include measuring guides for a van, pick up or panel truck and custom measuring guides will be created at a customer’s request. TruckSkin retains the services of several talented graphic artists who will help your ideas come to life on your vehicles.

“Recently we’ve seen rental dealers work with several electronics companies to co-op their TruckSkin programs and about 50% of the dealers get their signs at least partially paid for through their existing co-op programs.”

Lapekas says his company has worked hard to make their products easily accessible to RTO owners and goes so far as to include downloadable installation instruction videos on the TruckSkin website. He sees a great value in partnering closely with RTO.

“RentDirect and Nationwide have been one of the leaders in the buying group industry. TruckSkin has always felt like a valued member right from the start.”

TruckSkin - contact Joe Lapekas at 231-218-5159 for more information.

POINT DIRECT: For about what you’d spend on a newspaper ad, you could have a colorful mobile billboard installed on your delivery vehicle

TruckSkin is a proud participant in the 2007 RentDirect PrimeTime! buying Show, February 11-14, 2007 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Las Orlando, Florida. Rent to Own dealers should contact James MacAlpine at 336-714-8802 or for more information on joining RentDirect, the nation's largest rent to own buying group.

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