Refund Policy & Cancellation

As the Products/service offered by the Site are online in nature the Site does not refund any fees paid towards the processing of services including new application, change or correction in data or application for reissue .

However, in case of duplicate payment by error the Site may refund the excess service fees paid by the applicant. In such event an application in writing should be submitted along with proof of excess payment. The refund will be initiated within 7-10 days and Identity within of submitting the application. Any applications received thereafter shall not be entertained for refund.

In order for us to process your request you have to contact us on info@Trinity Enterprises . with your refund request clearly stating your Name (as applied in application), Application No and transaction date. (we usually respond within 3 working days). Any charge backs initiated with your bank or credit card company BEFORE contacting us and awaiting a response will be rejected. If a charge back is initiated the refund option is blocked by our gateway providers and we are there not able to process it till the entire issue is cleared with the bank because we end up putting so much effort into the matter we will not refund your money.

You can however cancel the charge back request and get in touch with us. If we find your case genuine a swift refund will be offered based on the stage at which your application has reached.


A refund can be issued within 24 - 48 hours if you change your mind. Post 48 hours no cancellation requests will be entertained.